Friday, 31 May 2013

Hot and sunny! Yukon and over the border to Alaska!

We spent a night overlooking this lake in Teslin,Yukon.The winters here get down as low as -60c according to a local woman. Not surprising that despite warm sunshine the ice remains.


During the evening as the ice began to melt and the wind blew the sheets of ice into shore noisily fracturing the ice into crystal parcels,  it was forced onto the lakeside and grew like something out of a superman movie!

Back on the road....
A leggy caribou runs in front of us.
Man between the border of Canada and Alaska.

More frozen lakes
The road to Skagway.

Downtown Skagway, Alaska. The cruise ships dock in town.

 We took the one hour vehicle ferry journey from Skagway to Haines, a far less commercial town.
Both moose and bear are common in town. We spotted an eagle! They flock here in great numbers in October when the salmon arrive.

Haines harbour, Alaska

A bald eagle on the harbour wall.

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