Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Photo dump!

Northwest Territories to Alberta's Badlands

We are heading north again, in Manitoba this time, to Churchill on Hudson Bay. There isn't a dining car and all the sleeper cars were full so it will be an adventure.
Churchill is the Polar Bear and Beluga whale capital of Canada and we are visiting out of season for both..... We will see!

The Waterfalls route on the Deh Cho Trail south from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

 Not as far north as the Arctic circle but 'North' nevertheless.
 We headed down, fast, to enjoy the Rockies, one more time.

 To Jasper. Campsites all full but this was the magnificent overflow....park where you like
 View from the loo!!!
Rain coming!
 It seems all campsites are situated by train lines.
Jasper, no exception.
 Don't mind the rain with a rainbow!
 My first experience of white water on the Athabasca River, Jasper.
Stephen in the front taking it like a true gent.
 The Athabasca Canyon. We didn't have to experience the waterfall, thank goodness.
 We took the Jasper sightseeing Gondola which was shut as we passed through last year in October.
Spectacular views from the top and then a 1.5km walk further up.
It was literally freezing with snow still on the ground and strong winds. 
Hat and gloves needed!

More waterfalls on the Icefields parkway. An awesome road!

 In sight of the Athabasca Glacier.

 We were here last year when it snowed. It looked as if had retreated even more in just a year.

 One beautiful solitary flower amongst the grey moraine.
 Dressed for warmth this time!
 Further along the Icefields parkway another exciting place to stretch our legs.

 Peyto Lake. Again last year we struggled on ice to reach this view point.
Nice to see it in the summer.

 If you fancy skiing in Lake Louise, this the station.

We took the ski-lift to hopefully see a local Grizzly.
 From the top you can see the Lake Louise.

 Our wishes came true. In the distance grazing? It is a female Grizzly. Really!
 And if that wasn't exciting enough, another, squirrel at Lake Louise.
 A Blue Jay.
 We enjoyed tea in the scorching heat overlooking the lake.

 From one resort to another, this time Banff. The main street.

 Out of the Icefields to a Rodeo in Sundre.

They start them young!
 Next stage....
 Team effort? catch and ride the wild pony.
 This man has just jumped off his horse to bring down this calf. 
Not easy for either of them.

 The gentle approach!

 The Stetsons are looking down on the man on the floor!
 Ye haw! The audience did actually have to practice shouting this.
Back brace, helmet. Why????

 The Prairies of Alberta.

We are enjoying seeing the industrial scale harvesting that is going on right now.
 Oil harvesting, too.
Boom time!
 And suddenly the terrain changes to the Badlands.
Bad to traverse, bad to farm but with palaeontological riches.
 Drumheller- a town based on dinosaurs
 The Royal Tyrell Museum.
A fabulous museum featuring the Albertosaurus found in .....Alberta!
 Fossil and Gemstone Ammonite.

To Wayne, 6kms and 11 bridges

 To stay here

 Dinosaur Provincial park

More Badlands, Hoodoos - the strange eroded formations and more dinosaur finds.

 As it so hot and arid, snakes, black widow spiders and scorpions can be found!
No bears!
 And Cactus.
 Welcome sundown after 35c heat.

Next stop Churchill.  Probably before the Polar Bears arrive but here's hoping!

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