Monday, 13 August 2012


Niagara Falls from top to bottom


There are two awesome falls.
The ones on the left are on the USA side and the falls far right are on the Canadian side.
The border sits in the middle of the water. We didn't see anybody defecting!

The Canadian Falls are horse shoe shaped. The boat 'Maid of the Mist', a privately run boat from a fleet, takes a boat full of tourists every 15 minutes! She heads right into the force of the falls.

We donned the complimentary blue rain capes and enjoyed the very same.
You get battered by the spray as the boat fights to keep position against the current.

Back on dry land we were treated to vivid, long lasting rainbows to create a fantasy/mystical mood.

You can stand remarkably close at the top of the falls, lean over the wall and watch the water pour over the edge into what seems like a large, steaming cauldron.

  Or stand along side and peer up at
 the enormous curtain of water

We stayed to enjoy a romantic dinner in the restaurant overlooking
the falls to end an exciting day and they kindly illuminated it for us!

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  1. Amazing coloured water in the Niagara 180 picture - why's it so turquoise? Is there lots of vegetation under the water?