Monday, 6 August 2012


The drive from Ottawa to Toronto was a solid 400 kms through changing landscape.
The first part passed many pretty lakes full of lillies.

The city of Toronto seems young and multicultural.

It is a great place to eat with so many different cuisines to choose from.

We found a great place with a hidden patio called the Queen Mother cafe in Queen St West. Main meals with a Thai influence followed by Rhubarb and Strawberry pie!

A policeman mounted on a bicycle not a horse!

Irresistible pavement fountains in Dundas Square. It has been so hot it was very tempting to join in.

The CBC, Canada's BBC, pay homage to Glen Gould the famous pianist known for his J.S.Bach recordings, with a studio and a sculpture.

The Harbourside development with a condo block believed to be the penthouse homes of famous Hockey (ice) stars.

Toronto is full of Museums and Galleries. This precarious looking building is the College of Art and Design.

The CN tower, no longer the tallest building in the world but with new lifts to whisk you up in under a minute. The 75 minute wait for each section put us off! A pity as the sky was so clear.

A typical hot, humid and hazy day in Toronto with the CN tower seen from the Toronto Islands.

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  1. Nnnnng nnnng mmmph mmmmmm mnnghmph grunt (I'm playing Bach in the style of Glen Gould)