Sunday, 30 September 2012

 'On the road again'...

I was driven to write a blues, the 'TNT blues', recalling our long wait for the gear box, chorus ...get us on the road again, on the road again. Not fit for publishing but it scratched a creative itch.

Finally, we have a new working gear box and we headed straight from the Gear Centre garage in Edmonton, towards Jasper.

Our first overnight stop at Kinky Lake (!), Whitehorse Provincial Park, was just as I imagined Canada would be. We celebrated our release from Edmonton with some Bubbly, just here, just us. Aah!

And in the morning the view was even better.

On into Jasper to one of the few campsites still open, 'Whistlers'.
From there we took the beautiful drive to Maligne lake.
Medicine lake below was on the way. I have been so looking forward to seeing the autumn colours. We were just in time.

This chipmunk was not moving from finishing it's afternoon tea while we all snapped away.

It is Elk mating season and a frisky pair ran in front of the van as we entered the town campsite.
No bears today but a Grisly with a couple of cubs were in the camp two days ago. In August, the park rangers removed all the berry bushes to deter the bears from being a nuisance.
The Jasper town campsite, Whistlers is the largest in North America with over 700 woodland sites! Today, we are virtually alone in our loop, other than the odd Elk!
A Bear Trap ready!

 Maligne Lake.

This Mule deer and young made a dash in front of us walking along Lake Maligne soon followed by another pair from the forest. Relieved to find they weren't Elk.

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