Sunday, 9 September 2012

Unfortunately, a gear box isn't in our spares box..

Our usual pace of moving on day after day has somewhat slowed as we are only able to drive comfortably in 5th gear! So, towns and traffic lights are are to be avoided at the moment and we are hanging around until we get Man fixed up, then we will be off again to Jasper.


We visited the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon. A wonderful museum stuffed full of items in its Boomtown Street, depicting life in 1910.
The M├ętis first nation decorated their clothes and moccasins colourfully at this time.
I am finding the multicultural history of Canada fascinating.

There were great collections of tractors, steam engines, farm machinery etc. This stylish Cadillac was one of many iconic cars.

Pysanka - decorated wooden eggs from the Ukrainian Museum

While in Saskatoon we met up with some friendly, expert canoeists we had previously seen in Northern Saskatchewan, Randy and his wife Doreen and Ann. Between them they kindly showed us around.

We enjoyed a lunch of Bison burgers followed by Saskatoon berry pie (a bit like blueberries) a Vietnamese supper and two evenings of entertainment and really good fireworks on the Saskatchewan river side.

Fiery entertainment in Saskatoon


 More wildlife

We see so many of these caterpillars on the paths. Called the yellow and black caterpillar? Surely they have another name??? Anybody know?


 Elk Island National Park, Alberta

These bison were part of a herd in Elk Island National Park that stood their ground across the road.
They had been wallowing in the weed/algae covered lakes.
A very pretty spot. We hiked a few trails but didn't come across any Elk, Bears or Bison on the path. Lucky or a pity depending on your point of view!

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