Thursday, 19 July 2012

Gros Morne National Park

Gros Morne National Park sits at the bottom of the Gros Morne Peninsula, the last piece of Newfoundland we will cover before taking the ferry to Labrador. 

It is as beautiful as rumoured and is of interest to geologists as the ancient sea bed sits on the surface in the Tablelands area. It is a World Heritage site for this unusual area.

 The Tablelands are nearly barren contrasting the rest of the Peninsula.

More Pitcher Plants here illustrating their name.

The Old Loft restaurant in Rocky Harbour was recommended to us by a young couple we met a few weeks back. (Hi!)
We tried the suggested Moose pie which had melt in the mouth pastry. Makes a change from meals 'chez van'.

The next recommendation from a fellow traveller was to 'do' Western Brook Pond. A pond is a lake here unless it is a pond. Both are on the map. Very confusing!
This pond is called a Fjord, although it is not really a Fjord as it is fresh water and Fjords must be saltwater. But its 700 metre deep sides made it act like an inland fjord . The water is so pure that little lives in it and there is an obvious lack of bird or wildlife.

Western Brook Pond

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