Friday, 6 July 2012

Louisbourg, Nova Scotia


I enjoyed our visit to this reconstruction of a town and fortress. We walked back into the 1800's with staff in period dress and in character. 50 buildings to walk around all actively being used as they would have been in the past with the scent of roasting beef, baking bread etc.

This scoundrel who had stolen some wine offered me the job of wet nurse to his servant's children. It is quite a well paid job but I don't think so!

One of the team of gardeners had worked at Louisbourg for the last 25 years and had created this pretty french garden with chives.

Wild camping in Newfoundland

We took a 6 hour ferry to Newfoundland into Port aux Basques. It was a calm crossing, thank goodness!

We have managed to camp freely for many days now. Often near or on beaches. These small fishing boats in Sheaves Bay, Newfoundland were winched up over simple log ramps to beach them after the days work.

The houses, generally detached and well maintained, don't always have garden decorations to our taste!

We took a trip on this stormy looking sea in Twillingate to whale and iceberg watch. No icebergs here this year but a short visit from a Minke whale, so, we were happy.

At our overnight spot in Sleepy Cove I fancied swimming after a hot hike up to the lighthouse but as it was a very icy Atlantic I settled fo beach combing.
We had a lovely evening around the campfire with new friends.

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  1. More beautiful pictures, Michele. Great that you've been able to camp where you like for the tour so far. Weather wonderful here!!! Just came in from the rain to avoid getting electrocuted with the lawnraker. It'll be fine for the Olympics :-))
    Love to you both, Penny x