Friday, 6 July 2012


On Wednesday 5th July, I was excited to see this iceberg way off shore as we drove along the East Central coast of Newfoundland, near Deadmans Bay. Can you see it? couldn't pick it up with its satellite, so it was a nice surprise.

Iceberg fragments

Thursday. It is hot, nearly 30c and we have driven to look at Iceberg fragments that a Visitor Centre told us about. They are a long way off from our view point but we head on to try to get nearer, trying to better yesterday's distant berg.
Driving down a steep dirt road to a beach we spot them again. By chance a local resident offers to take us out to have a look in his small boat. We hastily throw on warmer clothes and are treated to a special trip!

They have 9/10th of their size under the water, so although fragments,
 they are still massive. Alarmingly, we travel over the sunken areas. I hope they don't suddenly decide to turn over! They are creaking and dripping.

 The sun softened lines make me want to follow the shape with my hands.

Our skipper grabbed a piece to enjoy in a gin and tonic.

Heavy hand needed?
A special Gin and tonic! 
And a wonderful place to spend the night.

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