Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Joggins Fossil Cliffs

I have looked at many a fossil in museums over the years but this new museum was situated on it's fossil site.

After an informative tour of the museum telling us what we may find on the beach, (one usually finds nothing in such cases) we opted for a second tour to the beach, waiting for the tide to turn to reveal its treasures.
We were told more rocks had fallen that weekend with new discoveries. I had a childish excitement about what we would find.

This is the cliff face, eroding constantly with the tide. The rich fossil site runs approx. 15 kms along the coastline and is protected. No filling of pockets!

We saw many fossils 300.000.000 years old, from the Carboniferous age, lying on the beach in large pieces or in situ in the cliff, as in this large piece (approx. 1 metre high) of a huge weed plant.

What an experience!


  1. Maybe this effort won't disappear into cyberspace like the last one. We are really enjoying your photos & comments. It takes us back to 3 weeks spent in Halifax & Sydney NS in 1975! I must look out the photos we took at the time. I remember Alan spending ages photographing a red squirrel. Carry on enjoying yourselves & we hope you are having a summer in Canada - we're into autumn already!!! Love Penny & Alan xxxxx

  2. Thanks, Penny. Got it this time!
    We have been very lucky with the weather so far. Not too hot. Just right for walking. Xx