Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Shopping list - 1 Bell

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia - The Cabot Trail

We finally made it to Cape Breton, the place everyone said we should visit.The Cabot trail is a 300 km scenic route named after an Italian explorer called John Cabot who reached these shores in 1497. The trail passes through communities with Acadian, Scottish and Irish roots.

Renowned for its fog we, were lucky to have quite good weather.


A waitress in Halifax had suggested Macleods campsite in Dunvegan on the west coast. At first glance we weren't impressed - then we found the beach.

 We enjoyed a few trails into the forest. MacIntosh Brook trail took us 5 km into the forest to see a small waterfall. Not just Bears to think about this time but Coyotes as well!

 Some people wear bells to alert the bears of their presence so not to startle them. I just dragged a stick along with my walking pole but a bell is on the shopping list!

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  1. Hi Michele, So pleased you enjoyed the Cabot Trail. Penny x