Saturday, 9 June 2012

 Damage on boat..

We spent our last day before picking up Man sightseeing, in Halifax. Visiting Pier 21, the port of entry for many immigrants in the past and The Citadel, a star shaped fort that protected Halifax from the 1800's. This had a strong Celtic military influence. Today, Pipers, drummers and students colourfully re- enact life at the time.

Having checked out of our hotel on Friday morning, we went to Customs with paperwork. Quick and easy there, thankfully. Then we took a taxi to the dock wondering what the damage that we had been told about by the agent was like.
Some stowaway/pirate or general pain in the b... tried to break in at some point over the last few weeks. They didn't get in but tried hard, breaking a window and forcing a skylight in the roof. The queen is doing her best to protect us from the elements at the moment! Both will have to be botched for this trip as replacements are not available here.
Today, having fixed ourselves up with gas bottles and quantities of food in a great supermarket called the  'Atlantic superstore' we are in a wooded campsite waiting for the rain to stop to do the repairs.

The huge 'rigs' everywhere make our van look small!

Where to next? Let the journey begin!

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