Thursday, 7 June 2012

So far....

We have spent the last four days putting in the miles on foot in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia feeling very at home with the weather. Cold and wet! Its Celtic roots are felt everywhere, as we found today when we visited the Garrison to be greeted with bagpipes and kilts and the other evening in the Irish pub where a Ceilidh was in full swing with fiddlers playing around a table.

The Canadians have been particularly warm, helpful and friendly. From behind a grave stone in the local historic cemetery appeared a student with the unusual holiday job of showing tourists around the gravestones. He said not to worry about where you walk as with over 12,000 bodies buried you will always be treading on somebody!


Our hotel, the Waverley Inn, is a chandeliered Victorian delight. 
 Four posters are available or at least a bed high enough for a run and jump up and a rocking chair! 

Apart from being the second deepest harbour in the world after Sydney, Halifax has had an important immigration history with many europeans arriving by ship for a better life, making it the cosmopolitan country it is today.

Man, the campervan, should be available for us tomorrow if Customs are happy and then we can finally start our trip, via the supermarket.

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